Friday, December 11, 2009


Greeting to my fellow Citizens and True Patriots.

The post following this introduction is the current revision of HF 1632 - Minnesota Judicial Reform and Accountability.

The Honorable Representative Dan Severson introduced HF 1632 last year...after it was introduced, he had me meet with Senator Fischbach, Dale Nathan and others to discuss "refinement".

Attached is the "refined" HF 1632.

The bill went to the House Judiciary Committee.
The chair of the committee BLOCKED the bill from being heard in committee.
The name of the chair is representative Joe Mullery.

The plan was for the bill to be heard in committee... and when the bill was heard, Severson would introduce a "repeal all, amend all" document that included all the changes that were drafted as a result of the meeting.

However, the chair refuses to allow the bill to be heard.

Believe it or not, ONE PERSON can block a bill..the chair of the committee that the bill is sent to for review can decide that the bill will not be heard in the committee.

The plan?
We can have a representative (and a senator) introduce the "revised" HF 1632 as a "new bill" this year...but we will have the exact same problem...the chair of the committee the bill is sent to can "kill it" by not allowing the bill to be heard.

Or, we can "sit on Mullery" and demand the hearing, at which time the "amend all" is put in.

AND...we need a sponsor in the go through the same mess. Sen. Fischbach, even though she participated in drafting the amendments, has NOT introduced the bill in the Senate.

THE KEY ISSUES in the bill are the REPEALERS that remove the statutes that say "court rules supercede statutes" and "court opinions supercede statutes" well as establishing actual accountability for the judges that violate the law.

WE HAVE BEEN NICE, and have noticed, in writing, all members of the Legislature that they are violating the constitution by allowing the statutes that give the power of the legislature over to the judicial branch.

ALL MEMBERS of the Legislature have been told, over and over, that these statutes (that we demand to be repealed) create a situation whereby we have NO LEGISLATED LAW.

I'm not "being nice" anymore.

Respectfully Submitted

Nancy Lazaryan
Sovereign Citizen of the State of Minnesota


  1. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  2. Hey nice looking blog but it is a little funky looking in my K-meleon internet browser. Looks good otherwise! Cheers,


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